iwaitformyhappyend asked:
What about SouRin #51? Please 💕 and have a nice day c:

Fuckin’ shark boyfriends.
Ok but seriously, how cute is this plush?!

21st July 797

Reorganizing your room at 3:55am like a boss.

yes-i-am-keyoshi-hear-me-roar said:
Anakin Skywalker 12, possibly?

Turned this into a reference/practice piece. (x)

18th July 136

Ok I want to take a moment to talk about three incredible lovely ladies, digitalsoop, canta-brasil03, and littleredrin. These three are the nicest, most talented, coolest chicks who are just super supportive and I can’t believe that I’m lucky enough that they feel about me the way they do. It’s like a little cheerleading squad in my tags on my silly drawings and I know I fucking suck at communication but y’all really the best. QwQ <3

17th July 149

You ever irrationally jealous of other people even though they clearly have tried way harder in life than you have but you’re fucking jealous anyways?

Things I learned from episode 3 of Free! Eternal Summer:
1. Rin is a fucking babe. (Admittedly, I already knew that.)
2. ・゚:*i’m a butterfly magical girl bitch*:・゚


16th July 1002

Anonymous asked: 
Rin #64?

So pink.  S O   P I N K .

14th July 901

I can actually see the group of them organizing enough to be CIA/bodyguards for Halloween and them just sighing forever when Haru is just like: image・゚:*mermaid boy 4 life*:・゚

13th July 1120

Anonymous asked: 
I know you just said you’re not into atla much anymore but that redraw was perf! :O <3 If youre bored maybe redraw something from the southern raiders ep? but no pressure. Love your work!

So apparently Zuko’s arm is all wonky in this scene because when placed correctly it totally looks like he’s copping a feel. LOL I had fun and picked a whole bunch of colors, so don’t worry. Here you go Zutara nerd. Katara’s anatomy still frightens me. 

12th July 248

FUCK THE POLICE INDEED. (✧‿✧ ) RinHaru will have my heart forever, but I can’t lie. I am very excited for these two. and o m g haha so nsfw aaaaaa don’tjudgeme. ( >////>)

11th July 733

With nsfw drawings, do y’all prefer a click-through type deal so it’s not all up on your dash or does it not matter, just post in full glory?

You porn it's beautiful and perfect anyway. ❤️

Thank you Anon. (T▽T) 

I think the reason I hate attempting to draw people having sex is because there is so much fucking planning involved. Like it’s enough of a struggle to figure out one character’s pose, let alone taking two characters and trying to figure out how the fuck they interlock and making it look good. You know when you take headphones out of your pocket and you just stare at the tangled mess trying to figure where to start to solve that mess? That’s how I feel about drawing porn.