*tries to fix sleeping schedule* *makes it worse*

30th July 167000


sometimes I forget that someone I know in real life follows me on here


how are you

hope your enjoying me talking about fictional characters fucking 

28th July 131635

nakitty replied to your post: I JUst found the most AMaZING BLOG.

Your video helped me find it. It’s AMAZING indeed! I’d made my whole night!

It made mine too. :)



I JUst found the most AMaZING BLOG.


4:01am and I got work in the morning hahahahHAHAHAHAHHA this is my life

iwaitformyhappyend asked:
What about SouRin #51? Please 💕 and have a nice day c:

Fuckin’ shark boyfriends.
Ok but seriously, how cute is this plush?!

21st July 982

Reorganizing your room at 3:55am like a boss.

yes-i-am-keyoshi-hear-me-roar said:
Anakin Skywalker 12, possibly?

Turned this into a reference/practice piece. (x)

18th July 149

Ok I want to take a moment to talk about three incredible lovely ladies, digitalsoop, canta-brasil03, and littleredrin. These three are the nicest, most talented, coolest chicks who are just super supportive and I can’t believe that I’m lucky enough that they feel about me the way they do. It’s like a little cheerleading squad in my tags on my silly drawings and I know I fucking suck at communication but y’all really the best. QwQ <3

17th July 154

You ever irrationally jealous of other people even though they clearly have tried way harder in life than you have but you’re fucking jealous anyways?

Things I learned from episode 3 of Free! Eternal Summer:
1. Rin is a fucking babe. (Admittedly, I already knew that.)
2. ・゚:*i’m a butterfly magical girl bitch*:・゚


16th July 1048