oo1 | Favorite Episode → The Southern Raiders

Katara: She lied to you. (Cut to a close up of Katara as she closes her eyes sadly) She was protecting the last waterbender. 

Yon Rha: (surprised) What? Who? 

Katara: (Cut back to Katara who opens her eyes and looks back furiously) ME!

This is my favorite episode for many, many shallow, OTP-related reasons. *cough* Anyways, I love this episode because it was really the episode that showed us the depth of Katara’s regrets, determination, and power. We never really saw just how much raw pain she STILL felt about her mother; everything regarding that necklace was amplified for me after that. I think, once she knew she could finally close that door, yes, she ran towards it. If you had such pain buried for so long, fuck who wouldn’t act like Katara did? The scene where she freezes the rain- just- Zuko standing there in awe just sums up everything I feel about her. She came so far from that helpless little girl. She’s a motherfuckin’ waterbendin’ MASTAH and THE HBIC. She had the power to end him… but was able to walk away. As much as Aang may not have understood, he was able to see what the kind girl in her would’ve done. Though in my headcanon, Zuko stabs the bitch for her because he lives in the moment with Katara, but whatev’s.

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    This fucking episode. It is fucking perfect. And also Zutara But seriously.
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